Preben Lohse Rasmussen

Career Objective

To add intelligence and innovation to new or existing organisations by working with and for motivated and engaged people or teams.

Work Experience

Job title and Company Name

Duration of employment

Achievements during this period

Sales Manager, Auditdata Limited UK

2006 to current.

Facilitated company setup in UK and is currently driving sales and marketing activities in UK speaking sales regions

Owner, PL Consulting, UK


Owned and ran operation to facilitate European introduction for US startups into the electronics arena

European Product Manager, Memec Plc, UK


Instrumental in defining and running divisionlisation of large electronics distribution organisation as well as introducing large global suppliers to the organisation (Intel being the largest)

European Product Manager, Memec Plc, San Diego, USA


Part of 25 strong global taskforce targeted to define and implement end-to-end ERP system

Product Manager, Micronor A/S (Memec Plc subsidiary), DK


Headed new product line implementation driven from head office in UK (Memec Plc)

Product Manager & FAE, Promax A/S, DK


Was asked to head new product line roll-out but structual changes forced the hand

FAE, Peter Petersen & Co. A/S, DK


Managed customer support for all semiconductor lines involving high-end DSP and GSP products with main focus on Texas Instruments

Internal Sales Manager, Peter Petersen & Co. A/s, DK


Part of a team of ISE's managing the daily technical support and ordering tasks including first-line technical support on all semiconductor lines

Work placement, Dansk tele Communication A/S, DK


Aided in technical support in a small telecoms service organisation as part of the education process

Educational Qualifications

Course and Name of Institution

City and Year of Completion

Achievements during this period

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I'm a very social person with a range of interests ranging from golf over remote controlled cars to anytning technical with an electronic twist.

My main passion is gardening

Other Skills

My main asset is my ability quickly see through complex problems and identify the main elements. I also have a higly developed inter personnal skillset formalising it self in the ability to easily interact on all levels of a large organisation


I'll be more than happy to provide a list of references upon request